Monday, April 5, 2010

April = Crucial For AX

As we work into April, Fanime is two months away but also Anime Expo is three months away.

I over the weekend I had discussions with Ryan and Matthew Lewis (also known as Maguma in the cosplay world) about AX and I told both of them that "April is going to be a huge factor whether or not I go to AX."

And this is going to hold true.

I really need to see some progress from AX: I'm still waiting to see if we can get a panel and/or event for the SoCal Host Club [the deadline for panels is April 30th, so I'll actually hold on more even if it costs me $10 more], more hotel rooms need to open up besides the Westin (screw having one hotel open because of an agreement to fill the Westin up first, FanimeCon had all four hotels available from Day 1!), and I need to see more "quality" guests of honor - those are the big three factors.

Like I told both of them in my conversations and posted over at the AX forums on Coscom, "AX, get your shit together."

AX has three months to turn it around.

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