Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Month To Fanime, Plus an AX Update

We are about a month away from FanimeCon. There is still much to be planned out in this last month, most of it probably within the last week because of college finals although I do have a free Thursday during Finals Week where I'll start to hammer things out for Fanime.

On the Anime Expo side, Ryan just booked us into the Wilshire Grand Hotel in Los Angeles. He was really satisfied during his stay for AX 2009, and he was really looking forward to booking when Anime Expo FINALY OPENED THEIR DAMN HOTEL BLOCKS. Maybe Anime Expo is shaping out to be a good convention after all with AKB48 being the latest Guests of Honor within the block of actually decent line-up. Like I mentioned before, transportation is still an issue depending on what happens to Ryan between FanimeCon and Anime Expo, but I'll probably let him elaborate on that a bit later.

This is looking to be a great two months for me and everyone involved in these trips.

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