Thursday, August 25, 2011

In Retrospect: SacAnime Summer 2008 & 2009

In about a week or so, SacAnime will hold its annual summer convention, completing its expected schedule plus the mini-event in May. It will also be three years to the day that I found my calling in reporting anime conventions and received my first ever press badge.

Back then, I only had about a year of reporting under my belt, and as we found out I didn't get the press badge for the following winter convention. But having that press badge gave me an opportunity to try things out that I never had the chance to do, primarily film and record panels, live events, and other things happening around. That experience showed me what was in store for this blogging website, and even though I had to wait another two years before the website was issued press badges (because it wasn't just me who received a press badge at Anime Vegas 2010, both Ryan and Lucas did too) I knew what I needed to work on.

It'll be also interesting to see what really has changed since I last attended a SacAnime, which was when they first moved to the Radisson in August 2009. I'll admit, I had some negative things to say about that first time but I heard that they've improved the traffic space which was a major concern the first time around. Another thing I'm looking forward to see is how the cosplay department has drastically changed; the last time I was here, it was the old crew that I grew to know that just packed up and left overnight and after that new staff members took over.

I won't be alone this year though, as Robbie will join this coverage of SacAnime Summer 2011, something that I never had until now - someone else to help me cover SacAnime.

Also, look out for some collaborations with our friends and associates - we got some things up our sleeves!

And to finish this blog post off, I present to you YouTube playlist of the first time I ever took press video for the blog.

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