Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ALA Cosplay Picnic (Placentia, CA)

ALA Cosplay Picnic by Rukazu

This review is a bit late, but as I was not technically press, I really had no obligation to write about this but I still want to. The cosplay picnic was sponsored by Anime LA as a sort of preview and social gathering for people in the area. It was not a cosplay gathering mind, merely a social event. The day before I had to pick up my sister's BF and head back home with some stuff, and the event was on my way back to Irvine, so I thought why not. I decided to wear Banker from Star Driver as I was not going to wear a fancy costume for a casual get together.

To be honest, after Anime Expo, a very event oriented convention with little time to really socialize and hang out and talk to friends, this was a welcomed respite from that. A lot of well known people were at the event. Toastmaster Tadao was there of course, Maguma was there, I heard Wayne Kaa was supposed to be there I didn't see him though. Even the treasurer and Board of Director member Kris Zoleta of SPJA was there. For an event like this though, it doesn't matter what rank or social status you were, everybody mingles with everybody. There were a few cosplayers obviously, but nothing really fancy. We had a few people cosplaying from Yugioh, Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones, Bleach, Touhou and Vocaloid.

The gathering itself was relatively laid back. Everyone brought food, drinks, cake, (yes it wasn't a lie so don't say it) and a lot of us just ended up playing various games like dodge ball with a a beach ball, or took pictures, the setting was very nice, next to a small lake and we talked about our cosplay plans and what we looked forward to at ALA this year.

This was a small event where I got to talk to my friends and hang out. We talked about AX and what they thought about it, I told them a bit of the skit that I helped with in Masquerade and after about 6 hours I had to head back home because I was starting to get tired. I'm not sure if I can make it to ALA 2012 or not, but I definitely will try.

Anyways hope for the best as always!

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