Friday, October 14, 2011

California Conventions Blog Theme Song? (Matthew's Opinion)

Ever since I started the California Conventions Blog, I've always wondered what kind of theme song this blog would have. Would be it of a Japanese origin because the connections to Japanese culture; or would it be a song that's based on California, the state where we cover the majority of conventions?

I say let's do two theme songs: one that shows our devotion to Japanese culture, and one that shows where we come from.

The first one will be from an artist that we've come to love and know: FLOW. There are many songs that I can pick from their extensive library, but in the end I picked the one that had to described us the best: GO!!!

I actually got other theme song, ironically, from playing Driver: San Francisco. It's perfect for a theme song about California. Yes, it's drastically different than FLOW, but there's something about that song that makes me think about California and all the times I've covered conventions in this state.

Of course, this is only my opinion and I'll bet that the other members will have their own picks. I can't wait to see what they pick out!

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  1. Should I post a sugestion as well, I wish to be more active in here~


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