Tuesday, May 8, 2012

CCB Report: Battle at the Capitol - Final Thoughts

6 months ago, I had only tasted a small portion of the fighting game community (or FGC for short) though anime conventions and watching streams of EVO. I never pictured myself being involved in the FGC, let alone hugging a player after an incredible run-back to win it all...again.

I really want to think that Battle at the Capitol might be the stepping stone to covering more and more fighting game tournaments in the area, especially with finances being short. I also learned that there's still a Brawl community and I might stop by one of their tournaments in the future.

Right after Martin's victory, I had this high that I've never achieved in my years covering anything, especially anime conventions. I had this sense of pride, excitement, and joy flowing through me as I jumped around screaming like a child receiving a Nintendo 64 on Christmas Day. In fact, I had this feeling throughout all of Championship Sunday, starting by representing Team Sacramento and continuing up until the end. It's something that people have experienced for years, and I was just getting used to it.

I have plans to enter the community through Persona 4: Arena, a fighter based on the hit JRPG from Atlus. It's something that I feel I have an equal chance of competing at a high level, and literally from Day 1 of the game's release I'm slated to be in online tournaments and a P4Arena tournament at Capitol Fight District on the same weekend. It'll be fun to pencil down my experiences not only as a photographer and videographer for tournaments, but someone playing in one.

I would like to thank Capitol Fight District and Decepti-Kon for throwing such an awesome event. I would like to thank all the players that I met and took photos & videos over the weekend, which captured the spirit of the tournament. And finally, a special shout-out to NOS for hooking us all up with drinks.

Thanks for reading my report. Stick around, because Fanime coverage is starting soon!

- Battle at the Capitol Report End-

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