Tuesday, May 8, 2012

CCB Report: Battle at the Capitol - Championship Sunday

On this Sunday, I dubbed today "Championship Sunday" as the major tournaments in UMvC3 and Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Ver. 2012 would crown their champions, as well as running the awaited UMvC3 5v5 Sacramento vs Davis Team Challenge and the 3v3 Team Tournament. I threw it back for today, wearing my Tiger Woods black hat-red polo-black shorts (since it was almost 90 that day). This was the barn burner, and it was exciting from start to finish.

While I was waiting for the tournaments to start, in between playing Rock Band I saw someone perform the 10th Expert Parry challenge on Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition, which was Daigo's Parry on Chun-Li followed by a comeback victory at EVO 2004.

In retrospect, as the person playing that told me, that parry was "nothing special" and that it was all about timing, like all other parries in that game. The significance of the Daigo Parry was that the Americans had seen nothing like it since the US audience was still playing the Street Fighter Alpha series while the Japanese had already mastered 3rd Strike. That victory cemented Japanese dominance and would continue into Street Fighter IV.

Martin brought his own set up today, which had some sort of "90s Japanese hipster WarioWare mini-game video game" which got a lot of looks from those who played it beforehand at the arcades in the Bay Area. At some point, people got excited about this game more than the tournaments themselves.

The first tournament of the day was the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 5v5 Sacramento vs Davis Team Challenge.

Team Sacramento: Jason Wong, Corimon, The White Shadow, Hi I’m Nastyy, X-Ray
Team Davis: Intuition, Rezzer, Evan, Eddie Dangerous, AoiZero

As someone born and raised in Sacramento, I got hyped for Team Sacramento and continued to scream my head off, something that is not uncommon among everyone here today. As the team challenge wore on, Team Davis was putting up a fight, sometimes taking leads and forcing Hi I'm Nastyy to win the bulk of the matches for Team Sacramento. All matches came down to the final set of players, but Team Sacramento pulled out the victory 5-4, 5-4. As most people were saying afterwards, Team Davis came with a chip on their shoulder and proved that they were no pushovers.

Next was the Top 4 for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Ver. 2012. Like the previous tournament, I filmed on a fixed camera position to capture both the players playing, the screen that they were playing on, and the big-screen up on the wall next to FinestKO.

1st HeyZeus (Adon)
2nd BBG|XsK_Samurai (Ryu)
3rd Hoodaman (E. Honda)
4th TL Demonik (Seth)
5th Cynistar (Akuma)
5th Peejay (Dee Jay)
7th Yao
7th LB

After this point, it was all Marvel for the rest of the evening. I had a feeling that the 3v3 Team Tournament would run longer than expected, so I stopped the fixed camera although I did some free camera footage later on, capturing White Shadow's Level 3 Doctor Doom impersonation. I also had access to Martin's laptop with internet, so I was able to update for the blog but also be part of the stream as myself (Heeroyuy135) and Martin (Hi_Im_Nastyy) via Twitch.tv. Eventually we did run into some time issues, as I predicted in my head, but it worked out with enough time to do the Top 8 Singles Tournament.

1st Team White X-Rayted Quest (The White Shadow, Que$t, X-Ray)
2nd Team Ragnarok – (JewPac, Hi I’m Nastyy, SupernovaJM)
3rd Team I and MINE (Cynistar, Hagure, MINE)
4th Team Black and Yellow (Master Tawnberry, XSK_Samurai, Negus Eyoel)
5th Team Scumbag Human Beings (Gabe Logan, Eraldo Coil, Power of Shamwow)
5th Team Charlie’s Angels (Jeanatte, Corimon, DacidBro)

When people get hyped over Marvel, people get HYPED. The entire crowd, including myself was gasping and cheering at every combo, special, and victory. You could hear it from the FinestKO commentators over the stream and from the players themselves. We were also wired on NOS Energy Drinks, which we still had a ton of cans to drink and give away. At the end of the night, the people there hooked me up with a couple of cases which basically set me for a very long time.

The final match of the night featured Hi I'm Nastyy's team of Captain America, Wesker, & Super-Skrull and MINE's team of Wesker, Taskmaster, & Magneto. MINE needed to win to force a bracket reset, which he did. Like last week at DAiCon, Nastyy fought through and ultimately won on a incredible run-back with Super-Skrull, taking out MINE's Magneto sitting on X-Factor with a reset.

I asked Martin a bit later about that reset, and he told me that he had to do that to win the match and tournament. After knocking out Taskmaster with Inferno, Martin was still sitting on Level 2 and if he hadn't reset after the first combo and pulled off Inferno again, he would of left the door open for a Magneto sitting on X-Factor to possibly get one hit, activate X-Factor, and combo to victory (a character with X-Factor activated moves faster and does more base damage). Once he got the reset and Level 3, the only thing left to do was to bring down the Death Penalty to win it all.

1st Hi I’m Nastyy (Captain America/Wesker/Super-Skrull)
2nd MINE (Wesker/Taskmaster/Magneto)
3rd X-Ray (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu)
4th Que$t (Dante/Trish/Wesker)
5th Gabe Logan (Doctor Doom/Dormammu/Sentinel)
5th BBG|XsK_Samurai (Magneto/Storm/Sentinel)
7th Hagure (Taskmaster/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu/Spencer)
7th Jo-Doh (Captain America/Taskmaster/Wesker)

It was a great way to end Battle at the Capitol and just in time for everyone to get home safely. We got done around 10pm, which gave me enough time to head home, start converting everything, and get a good's night sleep...if the NOS allowed me to.

- Championship Sunday & Battle at the Capitol End-

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