Thursday, November 17, 2022

Matthew's Kumoricon 2022 Report: Part 1 - Prologue

On the Guidebook for Kumoricon 2022, the introduction paragraph states that "Gaining its namesake (kumori) from the Japanese word 'cloudy,' Kumoricon embodies the best parts of fandom and what it is like to live in the Pacific Northwest."

And sometimes, that cloudy weather makes it for a pristine sub-50 degrees that makes it perfect to walk around without a jacket, taking in that cold air that hits different than NorCal cold air. Then on occasion you might get a mist of rain or even light showers - it still feels good and nothing to worry about. And then you might get steady rain and you have to adjust to the climate like breaking out an umbrella and slowing down while driving. And then you might a downpour and all of the sudden the NOAA is issuing a flash flood warning.

Whether it's the convention itself or our very own outlet, navigating all faucets of situations that may come is key to pulling off a successful weekend. And sometimes, when push comes to shove, you got to put extra care and effort into figuring it out and if anything else, just do it yourself.

Waiting at the Sacramento Valley Station for the Coast Starlight 

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