Sunday, November 20, 2022

Matthew's Kumoricon 2022 Report: Part 5 - Day Three


The only two things on our agenda going into Day Three was our final interview of the convention with BURNOUT SYNDROMES and see who won their Charity Auction bids. Our interview was scheduled before noon which gave us the opportunity to not miss the last-minute bidding action.

Over at the interview, one of questions got a clarification and it was over their placement at the 2010 Grand Prix at "Senkou Rionette" as on the Kumoricon website their bio mentions "the second Grand Prix at 'Senkou Rionette'" win which we understood as "they won a competition" but in fact they did not win but got second place. It did put some perspective on what actually happened and their outlook from that competition.

[BURNOUT SYNDROMES interview coming soon!]

Down in the Charity Auction section of the KumoriMarket, both Nate and Levi are holding bids for various items. I had let go of a Witch Hunter Robin print signed by Karen Strassman a day ago, so I used that money that I would of used for that item to "stake" the two to make the price out of reach. I did this for Nate's item, a signed print from Erica Mendez, but he didn’t see who placed a bid over him so he placed another bid not knowing my intentions. He won the bid but at an inflated price because of my bid, which then we went to blame me for the "asshole move" but I insisted that he didn't pay attention to who placed the bid. Meanwhile Levi won a bid for a board game called Sailor Moon: Truth or Bluff which we would play later on that night after dinner and a trip to Ground Kontrol.

Tamaki and Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club

Signage in the Registration Hall promoting the Charity Auction

The Sunday Tekken 7 tournament in the Gaming Hall

With nothing in our interest for the Live Auction, we put everything that we won back in the room before finding a spot to start our recording for the Kumo Community Interview video that we had planned since we found out we were going to this convention. We wanted to film this near on the balcony on the 2nd floor of the Hyatt Regency but the doors going out where locked so instead we went inside of the convention center to post up and pulled attendees to talk to us about all things Kumoricon.

Dalton talking to a Lucy from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

I wanted to thank everyone who we talked to on camera to share their experiences, critiques, and anything that was on their mind related to the convention.

Keke Tang from Love Live! Superstar

Once we got our last sweep of the KumoriMarket done which included me buying a t-shirt over at the Kumoricon Merchandise booth and the last refills over at Wild Bills, it was time for us to close out Kumoricon 2022 and enjoy our last night out in Portland.

The many choices over at Hot Pot City

When I was looking for places to eat for the company meal that wasn't Korean or Brazilian BBQ, I landed on hot pot and eventually found a place called Hot Pot City in the southern part of downtown Portland. And it is one of those places that feels "dank" but in a good way, kind of like that hole-in-the-wall taqueria that serves up the best Mexican food you will ever eat. Like Schmizza the night before, Hot Pot City gave us another peaceful and chill moment away from the convention and allowed us to bond over some "bomb ass" hot pot.


...and after

We made the same Northerly drive towards Ground Kontrol and went hard on the various pinball machines. With the update to Zen Pinball Party, I was able to figure out how to play the Champions Pub machine for real with no success but the one machine that I went off on was the Game of Thrones one; meanwhile I went cold on the Twilight Zone machine, the one that I went off on a year ago.

Back up in the room for the final night, we drink the night away and try out Sailor Moon: Truth or Bluff while cleaning up the room and packing away what we could because Nate needed to be at the airport tomorrow morning for his flight back home and check out was soon after.

The tiles of  Sailor Moon: Truth or Bluff

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