Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day Three & Sac-Anime are in the books!

Finally, after 3 long, fun, exciting, and tiring days at Sac-Anime, today was the final day. Everyone came in one last time to see our amazing guests of honor, and everyone got to see an awesome Masquerade.

I had a really good time, and, like always, I very much enjoyed it.

I'm uploading both Saturday and Sunday pictures to Photobucket. I have more than 900 photos, and all of them are excellent.

My full con report will be coming shortly, probably sometime before I head back to school. I'm tired, and I want to go to sleep now...

Well, I will either be seeing you at either Sac-Con in March, FanimeCon in May (check my FanimeCon blog as we get closer), or Sac-Anime in August. Damn, August? And it's only January...

I am out, and thanks for attending Sac-Anime Winter 2008!!! WOOT!!!

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