Sunday, January 20, 2008

Reaction To My Skit

For some odd reason, I keep forgetting to post this...

I never had a recorded reaction to how everything went with the skit, so when I got up there I decided to set my camera down and let it roll from the time I'm up there to when I got back. In all, it was about 2 minutes from Point A to Point B.

The music you hear is from Call of Duty 4, an edited version of "Coup" - the first 24 seconds is cut and starts with the main part of the music (for the people who have played the game, it's right after Al-Fulani gets hit by a buttstock of a AK-47 and is driven away). I had them fade it at the max time for a walk-on, 30 seconds, so I had enough for about 3 poses.

I picked up on some people that said certain things, then I listened to when they say it. One person saids "Oh come on!" but I think that's when I started to walk off. But that's the reason why I got the vid, to key off people's reactions.

What's funny is that Bart, the photographer on the way right, notices that the camera is rolling and just stares at it before I pick it up and prepare to take pictures for #5 (the eventual "Best In Show").

(A funny fact - I sat between the Best In Show [#5] and Best Costume [#1, the Zelda]. It's kind of hard act to swallow, but hey at least I can say that I sat between two winners.)

I like what I got, and I hope do it again if I get back on stage.

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