Monday, March 9, 2009

Formulating a Fanime Plan

It's March, which means FanimeCon is not that far off the radar. This means I have to start figuring what to bring and what to do.

Well I know one thing: it won't involve the Masquerade.

You may be asking "But why Matthew? Why skip the Masquerade?"

I have a couple of reasons.

1) It's very time consuming as the audience. I learned this from Sac-Anime back in January; instead of attending the Masquerade I was able to eat, talk to my friend, and then game. People stand in line for hours waiting to get in, then sit for hours as the Masquerade goes on. In that time, I could of done a ton, using up my time instead of waiting then watching.
2) With the majority of Masquerade videos going online, I can watch in blocks instead of a marathon.
3) It's becoming the same shit. The same wisecrack joke, hi jinks, dancing, "let's do yaoi" (and by that I mean fan pairings) skit. Now I'm not saying that everything is shit, there are some gems among the pile but not enough to endure a whole Masquerade.
4) I'm not in it this year.

More time to hang out, more time to eat, more time to not be stuck sitting.

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