Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Budget for a Fun Con

I mentioned this on the forums awhile back, but like last year I've made an Excel spreadsheet (via OpenOffice) putting a budget on this year's FanimeCon. I wish I had the 2008 budget for comparison, but that's on the hard drive that crashed. Anyways, I can tell that I'll be spending more this year, and items like spending cash is the same - that can be attributed to a higher hotel rate ($10 more than last year). But like last year, I'll probably be under budget - most of the values that I put on the spreadsheet is on the high side for potential.

That feeling of going back to Fanime is coming...

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  1. After I cover my basics of parking, lodging, and food, I usually blow about $50 for shopping. Though this year will be challenging.



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