Saturday, April 18, 2009

PRB Tourney 1st Impressions

You know, sometimes just don't change...just like the last tournament, we had to cut out early but for completely different reasons (not a medical emergency) that I won't mention on here.

But, by then we had already lost.

In my first ever tournament, me and Brett (in a Z31) didn't win it all on our first try, but we got our first tournament victories, which is a victory for where we come from - a place with NO COMPETITION. Another team that we sent down, while not getting any victories in, gained tournament experience like we did.

I have over five hours of footage, and I plan to put all five hours of footage on YouTube.

Thanks to everyone who hosted this tournament, it was a honor running with all of you (especially you Brett). I hope to run with you all in another tournament in the future, or at FanimeCon assuming there's MT3DX machines.

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