Sunday, June 14, 2009

1st Radisson Impressions

I forgot to post this yesterday, so I'll post this now.

I got the chance to visit the Radisson hotel, site of Sac-Anime Summer 2009. Like what I said on Twitter, it's a beautiful site with lots of room. There's a huge lake in the middle and a ton of spots for photoshoot opportunities - I know I'll be getting some of that real estate for a photoshoot.

I didn't get the chance to tour the ballrooms/meeting areas and the conference center, but I would think those would be locations to put dealers room, viewing rooms, panel rooms, the console gaming room, and places to have the Masquerade and whatever else cosplay has in mind. Plus there's ample space for cosplay chess, if someone decides to hold one.

I also found out there's a couple of eateries in addition to Costco's food area being outside (can someone say a mass food run for pizza and chicken bakes?), so the food situation outside eating in the hotel and getting it delivered isn't that bad, although it'll be good to know someone who can drive.

Overall, this place is good for Sac-Anime. I tried to picture where everything could go, but you just can't given the near limitless combinations.

I'm really looking forward to August for my hometown con.

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