Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Business Cards Promotion

I was thinking of putting this in the Omissions section of the report, but I wanted to put this on its own separate post.

I was constantly in and out of my hotel room, and for good reason (besides refreshing myself): I kept running out of business cards to hand out to people at the con to promote my blog. Before FanimeCon 2009, I was lucky if I went through my stack of cards that I keep when I go to cons in a day - I have a Rolodex card holder that holds about 30-40 business cards.

I ran out of cards about half an hour after I arrived on Friday.

I gave them to whoever I saw, especially those who I took pictures of. I gave it to people out in the hallways, people that I interacted with over that weekend, and even people in the elevator - I even left my stack on the elevator floor when I got off so that people could take them as they please.

I'm glad that I went through three boxes - I want to get rid of these as fast as possible because of the typo on the Twitter address. I have one more to go through, reserved for Sac-Anime in August and Sac-Con this weekend. That way, when I reorder I can fix the typo.

But overall, I'm satisfied with the results.


  1. You tossed me one of those cards while i was snapping pictures,good tactic I like the blog lol.

    Heres my DA has pixs from fanime 08 and 09

  2. I was given one of those cards while i was snapping pics good tatic i like the site lol.

    my DA checkout those said pics

  3. I got one of thos cards while i was snapping pictures good tactic i like the site

  4. I got one of those card while i was snaping pictures good tactic i like the blog lol

    heres my da check out some of the pixs from fanime


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