Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Being More Involved at Anime Conventions

As we approach my 4th year blogging out of FanimeCon and near the one year anniversary of the California Conventions Blog, I caught YouTube video of a Anime Convention Reporting Panel at Anime FX over at SFSU with Scarlet Rhapsody and Team Misaki. I thought to myself: one, this sounds a lot like what I do; and two, how can I translate what I'm doing right now into being more involved at anime conventions (besides the Host Club that I'm involved in)?

Actually, I tried suggesting a panel in which I would talk about my blog and how to get others involved in blogging at anime conventions. Unfortunately, it was shot down pretty quick and I abandoned the idea. I just never thought of doing a panel that Scarlet Rhapsody and Team Misaki did where it's just on convention reporting.

I remember talking to Victoria at ALA this past January and we were discussing how we cover conventions from a article "we talk about everything" standpoint versus your standard "here's all my pictures of pretty cosplayers." I would like to speak more about what we do at future conventions - maybe with Victoria because both of us are in the "same field" - because (like I've reiterated before) it shows a different side to conventions with everything else.

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