Thursday, March 25, 2010

Looking Foward To Another Exciting Year For Cosplay and Otakuness

Hey Everyone Ryu Here!,

So from what I'm seeing this year has been a good year to be an otaku. Lately since I've been trying alongside Matt here to promote and get us into other cons such as Fanime and AX; the Host Club seems to be doing well as I presume you've either seen the videos or experienced it for yourself back @ ALA. I'm dying to see how we turn out by the end of this years cosplay season. Oh speaking of which I think I'll post my cosplay list so you bloggers out there can look for me at the cons and be true otakus together.

Here we GO!
Death The Kid-Soul Eater
Itachi Uchiha-Naruto
Japan-Axis Powers: Hetalia
Kyon-Meloncholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya
Kyouya Ootouri- Ouran High School Host Club
Lelouche Lamperouge (Ashford)-Code Geass
Rin Tsuchimi-Shuffle!
Toushiro Hitsugaya-Bleach
Zero-Code Geass
Zero Kiryu-Vampire Knight

Well that's who to look out for. Excited with Fanime literally being 2 months away and somewhat excited for AX although with the current problems I've heard of they need to fix them or I may not attend this year except for maybe an autograph or two. I'm hoping to set a budget for everything so I can survive the cons without hassle. Looking forward to visiting Matt in a couple weeks since im on my way to Oregon to look for a house with my family. Being sick right now with the sniffles doesn't really help much. Today I picked up Cowboy Bebop and The Adventures Of Mini Goddess which I'm re-watching Bebop since I haven't watched it since Toonami took it of the waves in 2000. Sooner or later I'll post my collection on the blog but not now since I'm under the weather. Well readers its getting late here and I'm half a minute away from falling asleep on the keyboard (in which ironically I have done that and accidentally posted it) so I'm going to sign off here.

Blog ya soon......Ja Nae

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