Tuesday, March 9, 2010

With The Con Schedule I Have...

The time between January and May is the longest between cons especially if I don't attend Sac-Con in March (which was the case this year). With the con schedule I have, the breaks gets shorter after Fanime: right after Fanime is Sac-Con June 2010, then AX on the 4th of July weekend - so there's about three cons in a month's time - then there's smaller wait between AX and Anime Vegas on Memorial Day weekend, then about another month before SNAFU Con in late October, and then one more Sac-Con in December before we hit the new year - 2011 - and Anime Los Angeles rolls around days after that. Rise, lather, and repeat.

As for the blog, well I'll find things to blog about between now and mid to late April when I start to pick up the Fanime conversation.

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