Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Zanney's Con Jams [Anime LA 2011]

I myself like to have more upbeat stuff for con. While I love anime soundtracks as much as the next anime fan, there's so much J-music at a con that I start to miss my good ol' native tongue. Here are my top three choices for this upcoming event.

I'll probably start off my convention experience this year with the theme from the opening credits of Casino Royale since I plan to be everywhere and nowhere for Anime L.A. this time--like any good spy.

This one goes out to any and all convention drama-related anything. Just as a precautionary method. Personally, I like this song in general for simply being what it is--oh so cheerfully pissed off!

And because no con can ever be completed without the regularly prescribed dose of Lady Gaga tunes, I like to keep this remix at the top of my playlist. It's so upbeat that I really CAN'T stop dancing to it.

And those are my three song picks for Anime L.A. 2011!

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