Wednesday, March 30, 2011

California Conventions Blog Invited to Anaheim Comic Con

On March 15, we received a message on our Facebook page from Nicole Williams representing Anaheim Comic Con inviting us to attend the event, which takes place over the weekend of Friday, April 29 to Sunday, May 1.

Matthew Miranda, our site's manager, said he is looking forward to covering this convention along with the full team, which includes fellow convention reporter Ryan Silva, Tsunami Scoreboard columnist Zanney Sperber, new member and artist Jackie Doncaster, photographer Avi Tiscareno and photography lead Lucas Chang.

When asked if she'll be writing a Tsunami Scoreboard article for the upcoming convention Sperber said, "I'm curious to see whether or not Anaheim Comic Con can hang a perfect ten. I can't wait wait to go!"
We are currently awaiting confirmation from Anaheim Comic Con and we hope to hear from Williams soon. We're all very excited to put our collective talents to good use and provide full-coverage of the event to the best of our abilities.

CaliConBlog sends a HUGE "Thank you!" to Nicole Williams for inviting us to cover Anaheim Comic Con and for saying such wonderful things about us. We think you rock too!

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