Thursday, March 31, 2011

A New ______ Appears!

Sorry  about the quality of this little comic. I did it in about an hour after I was told I was a member, and that I should make a post.
So, hello. I guess this is my intro post! *Waves shyly*

Online, my handle is Steph O'Dell, but my name is Jackie. I'm from the magical land of Canada (which, according to some people, is a part of the States), and drink maple syrup from the bottle, and enjoy poutine, wrestling bears, and saying 'eh' with the frequency Naruto says 'Dattabayo'.

Okay class, raise your hands. What in that last paragraph was a lie?

If you ask Zanney, the thing where I drink maple syrup straight from the bottle is true. I did it during her trip up here to visit me. (As I type this, I am still in Canada, however, by May, I will be officially in California. Please don't eat me. ;A; ) I have eaten poutine, and think it's delightfully yummy and artery-clogging, and it's one of the best things to come out of Quebec, really. But that's about it. It's not my favorite food or anything.

I saw a bear once, rather close. It was a black bear. It was a momma black bear with two cubs. I biked for my life and never looked back. They were at my Elementary school, up on the soccer field. True story kids. Bears and cougars were common things at that school. We got news letters all the time about them, and to be on the lookout for them. And lock our dogs up so they didn't get eaten.
True facts.

I say 'eh' occasionally, but it's happening less and less nowadays. Fun fact: the particle 'eh' is used in place of 'right' or 'okay', usually at the end of a sentence, and those sentences are always in the form of a question. The verbal tag originated in Newfoundland, and not even other Maritimers know what the Newfie's are saying, trust me.

Also, no, I don't own a dogsled. I don't know Mary, Joe, or Steve from Edmonton, although I'm sure they're very nice people. It's spelled 'colour', not 'color', pronounced 'ZED' not 'ZEE', and hockey is a GREAT sport, but I swear to GOD if the Canucks don't start shaping up, I'm gonna break Luongo's legs.

And the beaver is a truly proud and noble animal.

I also dislike Price, because he's from my home town, and he's a whiny little prick that not even the Canadiens like. Seriously. Bench that twerp already.

*Shakes fist in angry Canadian rage*

*Ahem* Hello, tangent! How's the weather?

Where was I? Oh yeah. So, I got into drawing because I read 'Garfield' a lot as a kid. When I was just a wee lassie, I found Pokemon, and never really looked back. Anime just sort of consumed me, and my drawing style changed drastically as a result. If I had to pick three artists I admire and why, I guess they would be...
  • Atomic Fireball, because he draws very sexy hair, and the story for Kagerou is really dark and twisted. Also, not afraid to give his girly boys body hair, and that's a-okay in my books.
  • Blue Fox, because her noses are just so spiffy~!
  • And Himaruya Hidekaz, because there's just something really endearing about all of his character designs. The eyes, the hair, the poses...even the really sketchy ones are just so wonderful. All that aside, the idea that he did exactly what I've always dreamed of doing is...super impressive. He turned a bunch of random doodles on his blog into a comic that eventually became super famous, and then an anime with a movie and 100 episodes, and then never actually stopped drawing or being awesome. That's some super awesome stuff right there. And he's a troll. He's a HUGE troll. I love it.
So, yeah, I've been approached to do art for this blog before, but until now, I just didn't have the time, what with my job and all. Once I'm in Cali, I'll be an unemployed bum just another otaku, so it's ALL GOOD~! Lots of spare time then, right?

Plus, I get to go to cons in America. How cool is that? And draw little comics about all the awesome stuff that happens while I'm there? SIGN ME UP.

So, yeah, that's me. I'm 5'7", if anyone is curious, and my favorite comic books are Batman, Wonder Woman, Fables and Deadpool. I like music in all forms (except country, but that's not really music, now, is it?), and I'm (sadly, not sadly?) taken. Zanney was kind of my own hero, and quite literally scooped me up and ran away with me.

When you see us in the future, we'll be a cosplay duo to recon with, I assure you.

So, until we next meet, keep it cool, and thanks for all the fish~!


Little note: Sorry about the double post on Twitter! I was trying to work out the bugs in my post, but I got it now~! Had to kick the HTML around a bit.

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