Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fanime 2011 Updates

As we move into the first weekend of March, it's just another friendly reminder that FanimeCon 2011 is two months away.

So far, it looks like all six of us - myself, Zanney, Avi, Lucas, Ryan, and Tom - will be attending this convention, and are aiming to make this the best coverage yet. Our cosplay schedules are being hammered out at this moment, so those will probably be posted sometime before the convention starts.

As for the convention itself, they announced their first MusicFest Guest of Honor and his name is Yuya Matsushita. The only piece of work that I know he did was the first ending theme to Durarara!!, "Trust Me."

Then this showed up in my subscriptions box today on YouTube Twitter posts.

This is Yuya Matsushita.

I have put in some suggestions for other guests, and I hope that Fanime comes through and they're able to attend this convention.

As more information comes in for this convention, I'll post more updates.

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