Saturday, April 23, 2011

ACC (Anaheim Comic Con) Anticipation and a Response to the Return of FLOW

So ACC is coming up around the bend this week and its coming really fast! It's good to see that fellow staff and columnist Zanney Sperber will be making her return from Canada with our newest staff member Jackie Doncaster tomorrow, so if your reading this ladies...WELCOME HOME!!!

So now that's out of the way, here is what I'm expecting from ACC.

Knowing as I've been on both sides of the culture swap of American Comics and Japanese Anime/Manga I've been a respective fan of both worlds. With all due respect ladies and gentlemen, I myself have never been to any comic convention in my entire life. but I digress, I always wanted to go to the San Diego International Comic Con for the experiences of seeing the differences of a Comic Con and an Anime Con. Even though this isn't that con, this is may be a smaller taste of what expect from my craving of a of Comic Convention. I look forward to covering this convention in full swing and meeting such guests as Adam West and the original actor for Shaft, Richard Roundtree.

So word around the grapevine is that FLOW is making their return to FanimeCon 2011? As I told Matt last year, "Somehow I told you so... just doesn't cut it!" And well guess what Matt? SOMEHOW I TOLD YOU SO...REALLY DOESN'T CUT IT!

I had a prediction last year after my video review that FLOW would make a return trip to Fanime this year, a lot of the blog looked at me crazily and laughed stating that "[There would] be no chance in hell that FLOW [would] perform two years straight!" Guess that comes to show how well I called that one.

It's great they're coming back! I anticipate another great concert, more importantly now that the blog is pressing at this year's FanimeCon, Matt and I look forward to a possible interview of the band. I know I have my questions ready!

Be sure to keep an eye out for FLOW's new album, ANIME BEST, coming out digitally May 10th in the US. Looks like Matt and I are making another satisfying trip to Japantown's Kinokuniya because I know I want that CD (which I hope they release alongside the digital copy)!

Well everyone I'll be seeing those of you going to ACC.

Till next time,

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