Sunday, April 10, 2011

Migration Update

After a long week of leaving my computer on to upload videos overnight while I sleep, the upload portion of the migration job is complete. Every photo has been re-uploaded to the new Flickr stream including some sets that I never put up in prior years like Sac-Con December 2006 and Sac-Anime Summer 2009. As for videos, everything from FanimeCon 2010 on has been re-uploaded to the new YouTube channel. The bad news is that everything prior including every video that was done by webcam was lost in the transition. I do have some of the videos such as the VA panel at Sac-Anime Summer 2008 archived on my external hard drive, and I'm currently working on them to upgrade them to the same quality that is of the other videos (.mpg and .avi make a world of a difference when it comes to audio and video quality).

Now comes the really hard part: I have to go back into all my reviews and replace all the photos because they are still linked to the old Photobucket accounts and not the new Flickr account. It's not a priority though since the archives have the links to the new sets and will provide the illustrations to my reports.

Only three weeks left until Anaheim Comic Con 2011 and then FanimeCon 2011 a month after that. These two months are about to get very busy.

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