Sunday, April 17, 2011

Decepti-Kon 2011 Review

As I woke up Saturday morning, I didn't know what to really expect from convention newcomer Decepti-Kon. I knew though that I would be only getting half the story as I was not able to attend either the Saturday night events or Sunday as a whole due to other set plans. But from what I saw that day, this con has the potential to grow into something that Sacramento hasn't seen.

As I drove up to the Red Lion Inn Hotel, I saw a couple of staff cosplaying on the corner of Arden Way and Sears Driveway.

As I got into the hotel about an hour before the convention started, I looked around to see what potentially might be going up today.

Soon enough it was 10am and it was time for the convention to open up.

The staff here told me to wait around the Registration area for my press badge. Then they told me and couple of other press members to chill in the Con-Ops room while they went to get some press badges. One of the executives came back and told us they didn't print any press badges for us but then gave us full reign. They even hooked me up with bottled water throughout the day especially when it got hot under my cosplay.

The Gaming Room was still being set up, so I went to go check out the R/C drift cars and the car show.

There was also a Cosplay Cafe and a Green Screen station in addition to your standard Vendors Hall.

I spent some with the R/C drifters, taking a lot of shots of them drifting around their created course.

The majority of the photo from the Decepti-Kon 2011 set are numerous shots from the practice sessions, their elimination tournament, and the free-for-all jam session. Using the abilities of taking multiple shots with one shutter click, those drift shots resemble a picture flip book or an animated GIF.

With the Game Room finally set up and in operation, I pay my usual visit after taking a 30-minute lunch break to catch my breath and up on the Pacers/Bulls game.

Armageddon Potato Games were back for this convention with their NES arcade set-up and booth complete with vanilla Persona 3 with artbook on sale for the cool price of $50.

In the hallways a group called Kurenai were performing for both the attendees and on the live stream.

I also took a photo of attendees playing trading card games under the shade.

Back outside I was able to catch the announcement of the winners of the car show which went to the Scion group.

As I went back inside, one of the executives came and told us to come outside at the grassy area for a special presentation, and man it was one special presentation.

Back inside I catch Rob Miles alongside Guest of Honor Karen Dyer being interviewed.

In between taking photos of the R/C drift cars, I find time to take a short trail mix break while taking some photos of cosplayers.

A little bit after taking a ton of R/C cars, I stop by Dyer's panel to find out that it was cut short due to time arrangements. She still did an autograph session though.

I went back to the Gaming Room to get some time in on DJ Hero 2 to prepare for my two planned "shows." I ended up losing in a heated DJ Battle.

I also went back to what I proclaimed to be the "TCG Pavilion" to take more photos of players.

Right was I was about to leave, I ran into another Persona 3 cosplayer who was a Fanime Forums member who was going to attend the Shin Megami Tensei/Persona Gathering at FanimeCon 2011. We had a good discussion about said gathering.

I made my final rounds through the convention before taking off for the evening.

And with that, it was time to call it a convention.

-Decepti-Kon 2011 End-

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