Monday, May 9, 2011

Anaheim Comic Con 2011 Report: Part 3 - Saturday (Day Two)

Me and Ryan woke up Saturday morning anticipating the biggest day of the convention. We threw on our cosplay, and headed out for some errands before the convention started.

Our first stop was NORMS in Anaheim, a 24/7 diner, for some needed breakfast. Then we made a stop at Office Depot for some water and a poster board for Jackie to draw on. We finally stopped at Jamba Juice to slam down some Vitamin C before diving into Disneyland traffic en route to the convention. Apparently Zanney and Jackie along with their ride Paige were there since 8am, and we didn't get there until right at 10am.

Nearby our fan table was a collection of famous cars ranging from KITT from Knight Rider to the Magnum, P.I. Ferrari to the DeLorean from Back to the Future.

Shortly thereafter, I got my first interview with Pierre Bernard Jr., who is known for his rant on anime during his segment on Conan called Pierre Bernard's Recliner of Rage.

Here's a short YouTube clip if you don't remember how it went:

I asked him if his cable provider, Time Warner, gave him The Anime Network after the rant appeared on national television, and he said no. He also shared the same opinion that a channel like that won't surface on television again because of the changing mediums in which anime is aired especially through the internet. He does have plans for another rant once his "Recliner of Rage" finds its new home aka the current set for Conan.

We roamed around some more, getting more shots of the sights and sounds of Anaheim Comic Con.

I also got some pictures of a Magic the Gathering tournament that was going on.

We come back to the fan table to see Jackie's completed work on the poster board. Great job!

Ryan heads off to take some photos at the Power Rangers Panel.

After a quick lunch, me and Ryan decide to jump into the line for some free merchandise - a limited edition customized S.H.I.E.L.D. badge as part of the marketing for the movie Thor. While they were running an online campaign in which you can get a virtual badge, here they were printing real badges. What made this interesting was that we didn't use our real names but instead of cosplay names of Minato Arisato and Junpei Iori. While Ryan/Minato got away without any question, the lady agent grilled me restlessly. Needless to say I carried out Junpei's character to the fullest.

Unfortunately the line for the Adam West Panel started hours ago and we didn't get in due to the room being full, even with our press badges. So at this point I get two more interviews: Kevin Sherwood and James Burns, who both worked on the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Here is the full transcript with James Burns:

Matthew Miranda: You were a recipient of the [Spike Video Game Awards] back in [December]. What did it feel like when you found out you won the award for your role in Back Ops?
James Burns: What people don't understand is that this character is the result of a lot of great people and great work. It was an honor for the VGAs. I'm new to the business and it's a huge industry that I really don't know much about and it's so much fun to it. I'm grateful for it but I like to spread it with all of the animators and a lot of guys who did a lot of hard work who are talented and made this character. We won it.
MM: What was your favorite part in doing the motion capture for Frank Woods?
JB: Well first of all it wasn't just motion capture. [Treyarch] developed a new technique called Performance Capture. Before we used to capture the voice separately from the face separate from the motion capture. We captured all three at once; it was like shooting a movie. The best part about it is that they gave me these one-liners like "This is 'Nam baby!" and "You can't kill me!" That's the best part, doing all those lines.
MM: My final question is do you know the future of Frank Woods?
JB: Yes I do.
MM: And what is it?
JB: I can't tell you that. You'll have to find out like everyone else, that's top-top-top-top secret information.
MM: Well thank you for the interview Mr. Burns.
JB: My pleasure.

In my interview with Kevin Sherwood, I asked him how he got his start. He told me that he actually started out as a game tester for Treyarch then moved up the ladder to he got to composer. Then I asked him the most obvious question for anyone who has played the Zombies mode on Call of Duty: what's the inspiration? He told me that he and his crew started to watch a bunch of 90s horror films as inspiration. My final question was to get information on the music for Call of the Dead, the next chapter in the Zombies saga. Like all the other times that a map pack with a zombie map has come out, he cannot say anything to the media or release the music until he has clearance from Activision.

Also near our fan table was the gaming section.

With the convention ending a bit early, we packed everything up and headed off to the most exciting part of the day: getting an interview with Wizard World.

Earlier in the day, Zanney had talked to one of the people working the area and arranged for an interview with our group. When I finally met the person that Zanney had talked to, it was none other than Bridget, the same Bridget that I slammed for her performance at Last Comic Standing at Anime Expo 2010. I felt really guilty that I said everything about her, and we shared a couple of good laughs.

We also took some last-minute shots before leaving.

While Zanney and Jackie went home, me and Ryan decided to head out for the night.

-Day Two End-

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