Monday, May 9, 2011

Anaheim Comic Con 2011 Report: Part 5 - Epilogue

This was a great convention as we got some exposure, especially through the Wizard World interview. Special thanks to Bridget and the Wizard World TV staff for making that happen!

This was also a great way to get introduced to the comic convention scene which has a totally different vibe than most anime conventions. Most people who just go to anime conventions freak out when they see prices for autographs and photo-ops at comic conventions, but this is the norm here. It's also a bit quieter and less crowded which makes it easier to get around without have to run into something big like a gathering or some huge random event. The only thing that stays the same between the two is lines, because you can never avoid lines at conventions.

Like I mentioned before, this con was a learning experience, both good and bad. We had some mix-ups on Friday concerning our press status because initially we were penciled in as a fan group and not a press group. We did get our press credentials and we kept our fan table. Speaking of the fan table, while we had a great time talking to people at our fan table, this might not be a feature for us in the near future. My main concern was being locked to the fan table instead of walking around getting interviews and photos. This does open the door for other opportunities and we'll learn how to make the most of it the next time we get a table of some sort.

I would like to thank Jerry Milani for helping us out with press during the weekend, and Nicole Williams for inviting us to Anaheim Comic Con!

A special thanks goes out to Jackie Doncaster, which we all consider to be the MVP of Anaheim Comic Con 2011. She did a wonderful job with the poster board and did spectacular at the fan table! 

This concludes my Anaheim Comic Con 2011 Report. We would be honored to come back to Anaheim Comic Con 2012 and/or the newly announced Los Angeles Comic Con in September!

-Anaheim Comic Con 2011 Report End-

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