Monday, May 23, 2011

FanimeCon 2011 Preview: Karaoke Contest

Hi, everyone! Long time no see. It's me, Shiro, and I'm here with an upcoming preview of the FanimeCon 2011 Karaoke Contest. It is a major event at FanimeCon, and indeed at every anime convention you can think of nowadays. People practice their singing year round for these kinds of competitions, and I've been working hard just like everyone else. I will be performing in this year's contest, but more on that later on.

The contest is set up so that performers go in two groups: Group 1, those who wanted to perform as early as possible; and Group 2, those who wanted to perform later. The top ten performers out of both groups go on to the finals, where a winner is chosen from the finalists. Both individuals and groups can enter the contest. The amount of people who can perform in the contest this year has been limited to forty spots, and all are currently filled, with others entering the day of the contest being placed on a waiting list. If someone registered to participate in the contest fails to show up or otherwise decides not to compete, their spot will go to someone on the waiting list.

While it might just seem like pointless showing off, there really are rewards for performing in the contest. The winner receives a microphone trophy as proof of their victory, and also earns the right to perform two songs in the Cosplay Spectacular: the song they performed in the final round, as well as an encore song of their choice. Naturally, its the chance to have a performance in the Masquerade that seems to motivate some people to enter. Others enter simply because they enjoy the fun of performing in front of people. It all depends on the individual.

In short, the Karaoke Contest is a brief, but exciting part of FanimeCon that all can enjoy. Whether spectator or performer, you can have a fun time hearing people perform. For California Conventions Blog, this is Shiro signing off.

You can find out the start list and order of performers here.

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