Saturday, July 2, 2011

Matthew's Thoughts on Hatsune Miku's First US Performance

I wasn't able to make to this Hatsune Miku's first performance in the United States in Los Angeles at Anime Expo 2011, but there were premium streams via Niconico for 1500 yen (18 USD). So, I plot down my credit card and prepare to have my mind blown by a virtual idol.

And sure enough, my mind was blown by a virtual idol.

I liked the angles Niconico was giving us of the performers, the real-life band, and the audience. I had a sense since it's based off of her performance in Japan in 2010, but the playlist was mixed up with some new songs and costumes. From beginning to finish, it was one song after another, one moment after another. We thought that it would be a copy and paste performance from Japan, but they changed things up a bit to the point where the Japanese people should be jealous because the US audience got the better version.

I can't wait to see what Ryan and Aubrie produce as they were press and had a clearer view of the stage which will potentially be better than what the Niconico camera had.

I'm very pleased with this performance, and I can't wait to see her travel the US to other spots so that Miku fans like us can see her.

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