Thursday, June 30, 2011

Anime Expo 2011 - Tsunami Scoreboard, Pre-Coverage Edition

The forecast calls for a slight lull in the usual summer swell we expect from Independence Day weekend in the Golden State where the summer sun, sand and surf are world famous for tourists and locals alike, but here at CaliConBlog we allow neither glassy nor shark-infested waters to dampen our spirits. As the saying goes, the calm comes before the storm and in just a few short hours, thousands of shoebies, locals and gurus from all over the west coast, and even internationally, will take the Los Angeles Convention Center by storm and spend their hot and steamy summer nights doing what nerds do best--the infamous Anime Expo con-crawl!

Don't get us wrong--the attendees of Anime Expo are anything but sluggish. With the second-largest anime convention in the country sitting right here in the backyard of the Greater Los Angeles area natives, there's always a mad dash for badge pick-up and last-minute concert ticket purchases. Cosplayers lurk in the pre-reg lines as though the sidewalk is a fashion runway, gamers bring their portable systems and geek out on the front steps and fangirls and fanboys trade opinions and series recommendations as a gaggle of housewives might swap recipes for pot-stickers at a PTA meeting.

The hallways buzz with excitement and even though it's a whopping 100 degrees in the shade, the atmosphere is cheery and as bright as the sun. Not a cloud in the sky today as our five-member team suits up and ships out for the 2011 Press Junket at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown LA, and the the million dollar question remains.

Only one person comes to mind when I think of the best possible phrasing of the question, so I'll let a certain One-Eyed Dragon take it from here:

Will Anime Expo finally come out on top or will this summer's swell be a total flop? The Tsunami Scoreboard predicts one of the hottest summers yet, so you definitely don't wanna miss this!

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