Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kintoki-Con 2011 Report: Part 3 - Sunday (Day Two)

The lounge on the 15th floor was open all night, and I had fun playing Portal 2 and Child of Eden at two in the morning while partying up the night.

At some point, I had to call it a night so that I could get home, try to get some rest, and be back at the convention before 9am because Richard and Mary had another panel.

Since this was their autograph session, it got people to get up early for this panel. However, the room layout didn't change since last night's Moon Stream concert, so there wasn't a set-up for their panel. But the two didn't need microphones; instead, they got two chairs, we all sat in a semi-circle, and had storytime.

During the 2nd Q&A session, Mary brought up last year's Anime Vegas and the Code Geass Panel in which she responded to an attendee's question with a question of her own. I actually remember that moment since I was a part of that panel.

The reps for Anime Destiny (UC Berkley campus) watching The Simpsons.
After their autograph session, it was time for my favorite moment of the convention: getting an interview with the two.

I would like to thank Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Richard Epcar for allowing me to accompany them over the weekend and for the interview. It was recently announced that they will be returning to Kintoki-Con next year, so I look forward to seeing you two again, hopefully this time with more members of the blog!

I was hungry after this, so I hook up with Ramon and Craig to go grab some lunch over at Downtown Plaza. I ended up picking up Panda Express with that delicious Orange Chicken.

Back at the convention, I get my last glimpses of the Dealer's Hall and Artist's Alley. But this time I got sidetracked by getting photos of the Moon Stream autograph session.

Earlier in the day, I asked Rodney if I could bump up my photo shoot from 4pm to 3pm. He agreed, so about a half hour before the shoot I went back to my car to rest and rehydrate. He's not done posting all the photos on his gallery, so once he's done I'll make a separate post.

After I was done, I was looking for things to do to round out Kintoki-Con. It was before 4pm, so I actually got into the Moon Stream Q&A Panel, which I both took photos and filmed.

Somewhere during the panel, I fell asleep with all the exhaustion from this convention. Moon Stream woke me up, and it was caught while I was filming - such an embarrassing moment!

Now it was time for really check out Dealer's Hall and Artist's Alley for the last time.

With the convention winding down, I make my final rounds enjoying the last few moments.

Soon enough, it was time for head on home. I said my last goodbyes before heading on out.

-Sunday (Day Two) & Kintoki-Con 2011 End-

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