Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FanimeCon 2011 Report: Part 5 - Monday (Day Four)

By the time I woke up Monday morning, Tom had already taken off for the Halko Momoi Q&A Panel which I wanted to photograph for coverage, and Ryan was getting ready for the Love Hina/Negima! Gathering.

My first order of business was to clear out the Fairmont and check out from that hotel.

Once that was settled, I went back to the Marriott to check out of that hotel.

After both rooms were cleared, we spent a bit more time at the convention before taking off. Unfortunately, we missed Closing Ceremonies once again, so we made it goal to stay with the convention until the very end next year.

Since we were all hungry, we make a stop at In-N-Out near San Jose International Airport for a much-needed meal.

After dropping off Tom in San Rafael, we swing by Sacramento where Aubrie and Bryan drop off both me and Ryan since he has to head up to Oregon the Wednesday after the convention.

-Monday (Day Four) and FanimeCon 2011 End-

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