Saturday, September 10, 2011

SacAnime Summer 2011 Report: Part 1 - Prologue

I feel really bad that I haven't been supporting my hometown convention in the last two years. Then again, this is going to happen when expansion occurs, and the fact that I've been choosing Anime Los Angeles and Anime Vegas over SacAnime is nothing against SacAnime but without these decisions, some of the events may have never happened.

I was excited to know that I would be back at this convention and that someone else (Robbie) would be covering it with me. It's also good to know that the chips are falling in my favor: Anime Vegas moved to Veteran's Day weekend which freed up this convention, and SacAnime Winter 2012 is the week after ALA, so I'll be able to attend more of SacAnime in the near future.

I had heard of good progress since the last time I was there, but there were still some issues that plagued the convention the first time I was there. But as you will see, I had a very positive experience that makes me want to come back and add this convention to my "to attend" list.

-Prologue End-

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