Monday, September 26, 2011

Wrapping Up The Last Quarter Of The 2011 Convention Season

As we head to the last week of September and into October, it's been a very good three-quarters of a convention season so far. But we have one more quarter to go, and as the seasons quickly change so do the conventions.

If you haven't noticed, there hasn't been much posted on the main page. That's because we really didn't have anything major happen since SacAnime except for a few BAC Gatherings here and there. According to myself and the rest of the staff, this is what we have in store to wrap up 2011:

  • Anime Destiny (Berkley, CA)
  • Hetalia Day SoCal (Van Nuys, CA)
  • Yaoi-Con (San Francisco, CA)
  • Pacific Media Expo/PMX (Los Angeles, CA)
  • SacCon December (Sacramento, CA)
As you can see, we still have a lot to cover in this last quarter of the year and we're not letting up anytime soon.

In the meantime, if you want some daily updates as well as video and photos of the day such as a bad ass steampunk Santa, a K-ON! concert from Otakon, or even free access to Crunchyroll, come check out our Facebook page! (Alternatively, there's a link on the bottom toolbar to our Facebook page as well as our Twitter feed, Flickr album, and YouTube account.)

So stick around because we're not done yet with 2011!

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