Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nate Reports: A Japan Expo Preview

As part of the ongoing coverage of the California conventions, the press team of Japan Expo will be providing a little preview of what we expect to see over at this brand new convention that is conveniently located in the bay area. So without further delay, here's my overall aspect of the new convention, Japan Expo.

Japan Expo is a major anime convention that originally had their cons in Europe. The expo has gotten so much attention that it has decided to make a branch right here in the United States. And what pure luck, it's right in the area where I reside. The Bay Area (Santa Clara more precisely) is where Japan Expo will be at and I, as well as everyone of you are reading, are excited to see how this is going to go down!

As it makes it's first impact here at the United States, I plan to attend this con just like I always do in every anime convention I go to. First off is the cosplays. As a cosplayer myself, I plan to attend some of the cosplay events that Japan Expo has on their schedule. I have already planned to attend the Magi gathering and Type Moon gathering so I'm excited for that. Of course there are other cosplay gatherings that I plan to see like the Attack on Titan gathering. I've seen so much hype for that show and I would like to see if most of the attendees (if not everyone) will be cosplaying from the show. I've seen Anime Expo's gathering and it was insane!

Besides the cosplay gatherings, I do plan to see some panels that I find suitable to my interest. I've already seen the panels that are going to occur thanks to the schedule Japan Expo has just sent out and I am currently planning to attend some. As I always do in my reports, I plan to give you full coverage of the panels I attend to as well as give breaking news of big announcements if they do occur that is.

There is also the guests of honor that I'm always excited to see. And what a lineup they have! Noriyuki Iwadare who is best known for his music for the Ace Attourney series will be there and as a fan of the series, I'm really happy to see him. Yoshiyuki Sadamoto has been involved in some animes I've seen like Evangelion and FLCL and it's awesome he's coming as well. Yosuke Kozaki has recently worked on Fire Emblem Awakening, a video game I truly enjoyed. I also do want to see the musical guests at Japan Expo as they perform J-pop songs to us. With all of these guests coming, this just increases the hype for me!

Now I also do want to see the rooms that makes this convention enjoyable like Dealer's Hall, Artist Alley, and Gaming room. Again, I'll give everyone my insight on the rooms about how they were and if they were to my liking and such.

I love the fact that Japan Expo is located here in the bay. When it comes to bay area anime conventions, there is always one major one that everyone loves to attend to and that's Fanimecon. It's great to see that another major convention is coming by our area and for it's first time in the United States. I seriously can't wait for this con and I hope you are as hyped as I am. See you guys there at Japan Expo!

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