Monday, August 19, 2013

The History of Capitol Fight District (So Far)

It all started back in February of 2012, in a small hall known as the Artisan Building in the Del Paso Heights area.

The flyer for the first ever Capitol Fight District.

Here, Capitol Fight District got its start. At the time, I was looking for something to cover with the lack of Fanime and Anime Expo coverage on my end during the 2012 convention season that I usually try to cover.

Shortly after the first ever CFD, there was the first ever Battle at the Capitol. For the two days that we were there at the Artisan Building, I got my first ever taste of the tournament scene and I enjoyed filming Top 8 for both Marvel and Street Fighter. For an area that's been itching for a scene outside of the always popular Bay Area and SoCal scenes, it was good start to establish Sacramento as part of this "California mega-scene."

Hi I'm Nastyyy running it back during Marvel Finals at Battle at the Capitol.
In between CFDs I was introduced to the Smash community which I was suprised to hear that Sacramento has a decent-sized community. I remember going to a pure Smash tournament, and we all had a good time out there.

Smash at Great Escape Games.
I quickly turned into what I call myself a "Community Observer," where I take photos and videos of various events while trying to learn the in and outs of the "Fighting Game Community," or FGC for short. Eventually I got to play in a tournament when Persona 4: Arena got released, and even made a name for myself...for all the wrong reasons.

Then again, I came from a background where fighting games were not my interests in the video gaming, but instead mixing in Persona with Call of Duty/Battlefield.

Since it's time at the Artisan, this tournament has been in at least eight other venues ranging from sports bars to Sacramento State to card shops. The most recent CFD that took place on August 18th was placed called Skybox Grill & Bar, not that far off from where SacAnime will be at.

Despite that the majority of CFDs take place during other events (this one ran against Lanhammer in San Francisco), there is always a decent turn-out. I've met so many people that are well-known in the FGC, from X-Ray to Nastyyy to Dacidbro to Honzo Gonzo to the commentating crew of Finest KO of Coopa and Spirit Juice. 

Dacidbro and Spirit Juice calling a Persona 4: Arena match.
I'd like to thank those who put on CFD on a regular basis, especially Jason and Luis - the two that make CFD really go. It's been a year and a half, and so far I've enjoyed this ride along with CFD and the NorCal FGC. Trust me, we're not like those other scenes were we collude for fun and cause drama. We have a ton of fun while respecting one another, even where's there's salt to be thrown around.

Dacidbro failing at table flipping.
Hopefully all these opportunities will lead me to covering EVO in Las Vegas sometime soon, and with Persona 4: Arena CLIMAX The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold announced, I might be playing there too as well. But for now, I'll just keep on watching.

The lens where they should be at...

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