Friday, September 5, 2014

Matthew's SacAnime Summer 2014 Report: Part 3 - Day Two

Day Two started in the most unlikely place: work.

I had an morning short shift and by the time I was off, I had already missed the only thing that I had planned up to that point: the World Cosplay Federation, which both G and Kevin teased me for missing later on.

As I arrived back at the Sacramento Convention Center at the same parking garage, I was very lucky to catch a parking all the way at the 10th floor with one of the few spaces that were remaining.

Since I haven't done a convention walkthrough since the Raddison/Woodlake Hotel era, I pulled out my camcorder and started filming.

The Sheraton Grand Protestor had the best cosplay of the weekend.
I also had the chance to check out the gaming rooms at SacAnime. There were three rooms in all - fighting games, Smash, and retro/"chill out" games. A lot of people that I know from the FGC were here to play Street Fighter, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Killer Instinct, some of them using this convention to prepare for West Coast Warzone the following week in Orange County.

As with last year's SacAnime Summer, you had free admission to the Greek Festival which I can guess 90% of us went just for the food. And by food, I mean Gyros and Saganaki.

A Kallen and CC cosplayer from Code Geass enjoying the Greek food.
Back at the convention, there was the Pokemon Gathering which Robbie was a part of.

Robbie as Giovanni.
Pokemon controlled by RC. There was also a Venosaur that was also controlled by RC and even had head movement.
Good vs Evil shoot
There was one panel that I did check out Saturday afternoon named "Anime Debate." It was run by a gentlemen that knows me from the Scottish Rite era when I was in his "Story Story Die" panel. I didn't stick around to debate the "Best Anime Series of All Time" but got to debate "Best Anime Animal Character" which somehow I picked Kyubey but lost out to...Rainbow Dash?

I wanted to get Subway for dinner but the line was packed for the evening, so instead I went a block over to Tony's Deli for a Ceasar salad. Unfortunately chicken was sold out and I wish I had more salad dressing, but it was nice to not eat junk food from 7-Eleven.

"Where's the ice?"
Tony's Deli proudly supporting SacAnime.
I sat in for a bit at the evening press conference before being called over downstairs as they were about to start the Mario Kart 8 tournament which I was in.

The gaming room had a special setup that was converted from pre-registration for the entire MK8 tournament as well as the finalies of KI, Marvel, and Street Fighter. This was a good option for those who were into the FGC and want a taste of being in a "major" as well as those who usually don't attend the Masquerade or the "Dance."

I started off good as Toad but quickly choked my lead away and before I knew it, I was in a race-off to see who would advance. To be fair, I should of advanced because I won a race but it was more fun to give the crowd what they want although in the end I lost and quickly found my night ending early here.

Meanwhile over at Karaoke next door...
I eventually did stop by the "Late Night Electronik Dance" to take some photos and video.

People crossing 13th Street at night.
Staff doing bag checks.
Experimenting with long exposures. Reminder to self: bring tripod/monopod next time.

The night after this point seemed like a repeat of last night except for some minor details. But still, it's nice to hang out with people that you know and just met especially as a majority of people see this convention as the end of the summer convention season; soon, most will be going back to work grinding out for next year or going back to school.

The 7-Eleven still busy even at midnight.
-Day Two End-

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