Sunday, September 7, 2014

Matthew's SacAnime Summer 2014 Report: Part 4 - Day Three

The secret to commuting at SacAnime is to get there early on Sunday and find street parking because PARKING IS FREE ON SUNDAYS.

Iced coffee and a breakfast burrito from a local food spot on the last day of the convention.

Today I gave my Agent!Jonah from Jormungand another go despite that a) it's really hot in Sacramento and b) I don't have any summer cosplays. I didn't even really want a full photo shoot, just something to see the overall execution of the cosplay.

Rodger Bumpass, the voice of Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants, held his final Q&A session early Sunday morning. For someone who enjoyed the show both as a kid and an adult, I was intrigued by some of the insights he gave about his character as well as the other cast members and the show itself. He also talked for a bit about the recent-titled "cult classic" Invader Zim and some of the other shows that he was on.

Mr. Bumpass answering a question.
As the convention went along into the afternoon, I found myself just talking to other attendees and playing games over in the gaming rooms.

People checking out, which was something I didn't have to worry about this time around.
Attendees ordering at the Starbucks that connected the convention center. In a completely unrelated note, PUMPKIN SPICE IS BACK!!!
During this time, I was able to track down a photographer to take a few quick photos of me to see how well I executed the costume. Deep down I wanted a longer shoot but in order to do that I would need my airsoft and given the strictness of the Sacramento Police Department and recent events in Ferguson, MO, I left that shoot for another day.

Attendees waiting on the 4pm autograph session, the last one of the entire convention.
I also got into the autograph session to get whoever I could. Realizing that I had both my badge and Nate's badge since I needed to get his name printed on it, I had J Michael Tatum and Yuri Lowenthal sign Nate's badge while Liam O'Brien and Josh Grelle signed mine.

This alleyway is a hotpoint for photo shoots. I had mine done here last year with Junpei.
As everything started to wind down, I say my final good-byes from everyone over at the Sheraton Grand before heading back into the Dealers Hall for one final sweep. But as with the previous two days, I found nothing and went home with nothing which is an accomplishment in itself since most people buy at least one thing, like a keychain or a plush. (Note: Alpaca soon?)

All of the lewds for sale.
My last look at Squidward and the "Welcome Anime" banner.
And with that, I called SacAnime Summer 2014 over and decided to go home. Well not exactly home, more like to a family function where there was a lot of food and drinks to unwind after this convention.

Miku-chan sitting on the side of the street waiting for me. Yes, I know she's overdue for a wash.
-Day Three End-

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