Monday, July 15, 2019

Matthew's FanimeCon 2019 Report: Part 5 - Day Three

After the end of the Midnight Persona Gathering, I headed back up to my room to continue the night but eventually found myself back at the free-play arcade.

*SakuraCon 2017 flashbacks intensify*
Press F to pay respects
At this point in the night, I was trying to find out if I could turn the clock back to ten years ago but my body had another opinion and soon I was in bed sleeping going into the morning.

The good news was that I didn't have anything to do in the morning, unlike yesterday, until the Yuri!!! On Ice Gathering in the afternoon. So when I woke up, I went downstairs and did a walkthrough to see how everyone was feeling, and honestly I think I felt both the fatigue as well as the fatigue of almost everyone else in the convention center.

Aoi☆Sora practicing before their performance on Stage Zero
I had some complaints last year about the video quality of some of my videos, and this was due to the fact that most of the videos that I shot was for the live-stream and the only option when I re-posted it on YouTube was a grainy 360p. So for this year I did less live-streaming and more direct recording.

Aoi☆Sora's performance from the back
Aoi☆Sora posing for a photo
Once the performance is done and continued to network through the convention, I head back upstairs to my room to rest up for a bit before getting into the grueling part of Sunday.

@whiteboardpoll continuing to ask the questions of our generation (although they're playing for 2nd place behind best girl Misato)
Attendees camping out hard for the 2nd (and final) opportunity to nab Aya Hirano's autograph an hour before lineups started
Back downstairs after a nice long rest, I check in for the Yuri!!! On Ice Gathering and obtain the last of my three cosplay gathering certificates, which as of this being published is waiting to be framed.

Yuri, Yurio, and Viktor "in warmup jackets" group shot
I found out pretty quickly that the Yuri!!! On Ice Gathering was consisting of just Yuris, Yurios, and Viktors and maybe one Chris and no other major characters, like JJ and Phichit. So the amount of shots that I could think of was short which was a blessing for me because we got a full gathering in and it only took 30 minutes or so.

Side view of one of the shots
All three cosplay gathering certificates
Despite the cool temperatures for a Memorial Day weekend in San Jose, I was wanting to get out of my Yuri cosplay as soon as I got back in the room. It was also time to rock that new FanimeCon 2019 hat and polo that I had bought a month ago and picked up on Friday.

I go back downstairs with Ryan to do a bit a Gunpla price shopping and check out the Dealers Hall once again. And though my walk, I caught my one fear: that I would find centicenti's booth aka the chibi badge lady, my impulses would kick in, and spend more money on another chibi badge (which somehow I missed last year despite her telling me she had the same spot two years in row). Despite having to wait since she had appointments ahead of me, I was able to squeeze in a couple of minutes to get my 12th chibi badge since SacAnime Summer 2007 and my 6th FanimeCon chibi badge.

10 years of FanimeCon chibi badge history
As we approach mid-afternoon, we get the crew together for one last interview with Guest of Honor Nobutoshi Canna. This also meant that for the first time in FanimeCon history, I missed the Charity Auction as both were occurring as the same time.

Knowing that we were in the middle of the grueling part of Sunday and that we wouldn't be able to eat anything until later on tonight, we stop by Subway to take sandwiches to go as we make the journey over to the Fairmont one last time to top off our coverage with the biggest marquee event that FanimeCon can offer:

CWF's Fanimania.

CWF participants and staff convening in the Fairmont lobby as we wait for the ballroom to open

Eventually we get to the OK from staff inside the ballroom, we head inside to post up positions to optimize our coverage of this sought-out event that people line up hours before. Then I had the opportunity to follow around the participants and staff as they walked the line to hype everyone that was waiting to get in.

Real Wrestling (Reality and Coach from South Park) making their pitch
Dick Gumshoe finally able to arrest his attacker from last year's Fanimania
Inko Midoriya aka Deku's mom quickly became a fan favorite...
...until she was viciously attacked by Franziska von Karma (C) right before the #1 contender was determined
CWF officials tending to Inko, she was later dragged off the stage
Skeletor cashing in on his opportunity to cash in on automatic Top 8
The newly-revealed Tag Team Championship belts
Lupin and Jigen (C - by way of stealing the belts) vs Mumen Rider and Sandman (Open Challengers)
Lupin and Jigen (C) win by pitfall to retain the Tag Team Championship
von Karma (C) vs Tommy Wiseau in a Top 8 match up
von Karma (C) vs Skeletor (#1 Contender) vs All Might (Owner's Pick) for the Heavyweight Championship in a Triple Threat match
After winning the Blkout belt in 2018, Skeltor (behind a huge NorCal following including myself) wins by pitfall to win the Heavyweight Championship
The participants and staff thanking everyone for attending
As the show ends, Ryan and I tag along with my SacAnime staff people as we find a place to eat on a Sunday night in San Jose where nothing is open, even at 9pm. We did find a Mexican restaurant only to find out that the kitchen was closing in less than half an hour. We could of make the walk back to La Vic's but instead tried out a food truck. I had a decent chimichanga and some street tacos; the prices were a bit steep but it was worth it for the experience.

Back at the Marriott we go our separate ways as we head into the final night of doing the same thing that we've been doing the last two nights...

-Day Three End-

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