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Matthew's FanimeCon 2019 Report: Mixtape Annotations

 FanimeCon 2019 Mixtape - Standard Edition [Apple Music] [Spotify]

This is annotations for the FanimeCon 2019 Mixtape. Both the "Standard Edition" and the "25th Anniversary Edition" will be included and noted.

SECTION I: Introduction

1. Lil Las X - Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus)
As we go into FanimeCon 2019, I'm getting up there in age and wonder if I could do this "rodeo" one last time. So, it's time to go back to the "Old Town Road."

2. BTS - Intro : PERSONA
A BTS banger that while I don't know what the lyrics really mean it matches the overall mood going into the convention.

3. DJ Khaled - Thank You (feat. Big Sean)
Giving thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way, from my associates to FanimeCon staff who have given us the ability to cover this convention for the blog.

4. Daichi Miura - Blizzard
The first of music inspired by Wendell's playlist of FanimeCon 2019. Another banger coming from Japan with that upbeat tempo that again matches the overall mood going into the convention.

5. Drake - Congratulations
Congratulating FanimeCon on 25 years of a wonderful convention.

6. Tony! Toni! Tone! - Anniversary
Another song congratulating FanimeCon on 25 years of a wonderful convention.

SPECIAL SECTION: 25th Anniversary Edition Exclusive Songs

Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do
Amy Winehouse - Rehab
Robert Plant & Alison Karuss - Please Read the Letter
Lady Antebellum - Need You Now
Kings of Leon - Use Somebody
Adele - Rolling in the Deep
Sam Smith - Stay With Me
Childish Gambino - This Is America

To commemorate 25 years of FanimeCon, I picked the song that won the Grammy award for Record of the Year from 1994, the first year of FanimeCon, and then every year that I went - 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014, and 2018.


7. Shing02 - Luv(sic.) [Modal Soul Remix]
Each day is marked with the music from legendary DJ and producer Nujabes, mostly from his Luv (Sic) series. Since there is no "Part 0" I went with the Modal Soul Remix.

8. The Notorious B.I.G - Going Back to Cali
Ryan's return to California and FanimeCon in general in a long time.

9. ODESZA - Say My Name (feat. Zyra)
The first of Ryan's entries into the mixtape, this song is for the morning drive between Sacramento and the Bay Bridge.

10. G-Eazy & Blueface - West Coast
Despite the inability for Blueface to properly rap, the song "West Coast" perfectly describes the Bay Area as a whole.

11. Tony Bennett - (I Left My Heart) In San Francisco
The drive through the Bay Bridge and into Downtown San Francisco up to Japantown.

12. Sabaton - Bismarck
When you pull Bismarck in Azur Lane on your very first attempt. Also the comment section for the music was chalk full of AL references the day she was available.

13. Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Chillout Mix)
(Ryan's entry) The drive from Japantown and out of San Francisco down the 101 to Palo Alto and the campus of Stanford University.

14. MGMT - Electric Feel
(Ryan's entry) The drive from Palo Alto to San Jose.

15. Federation - Hyphy
Paying homage to the music of the Bay Area and the hyphy movement has always been a staple of every FanimeCon mixtape.

16. RADWIMPS - First View of Tokyo
Taking a page from the movie "Your Name," this instrumental illustrates pulling up to the convention center and seeing the anniversary banner for the first time, like how the piece does the same for when you see Tokyo for the first time.

17. Panic! At the Disco - Nine in the Afternoon
A throwback to a song previously used in a mixtape, it also provides a song that both Ryan and I know and reminds us of conventions of old.

18. Imagine Dragons - Dream
When I realized that I made it to both another FanimeCon and the 25th anniversary celebration as press.

19. Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira - Run Away
(Ryan's entry) If the song doesn't sound familiar, you might know the saxophone portion. Designed to build hype going into the weekend.


20. Nujabes - Luv (Sic)
The beginning of the numbered Luv (Sic) songs, marking the beginning of Day One.

21. Kizuna Ai - Future Base
(Richie's entry) A combination of a surprise banger as well as the fact that the one singing is a virtual YouTuber, it illustrates both the mood going into the convention as well as how far we've come even in the past few years in the realm Japanese pop culture.

22. Ini Kamoze - Here Comes the Hotstepper (Heartical Mix)
(Wendell's entry) Wendell has always been the face of Stage Zero, which since its inception has been front and center of this convention, so in a way the song is his walk-up music.

23. Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)
An instrumental version played during opening ceremonies.

24. Fat Joe & Remy Ma - All the Way Up (feat. French Montana & Infared)
Another instrumental version played during opening ceremonies.

25. Aya Hirano - Bouken Desho Desho?
Since Apple Music doesn't have Haruhi Suzumiya songs, I went with her song from Fairy Tail. Apple Music finally has all the music from Haruhi Suzumiya, so it's only fitting that we go with the opening.

26. Kendrick Lamar, SZA - All The Stars
All of the Guests of Honor.

27. fhana - Rhapsody of the Blue Sky
Marks the beginning of the convention.

28. Jimmy Buffett - Margaritaville
Our journey over to Silver Island at the Doubletree.

29. DJ Khaled - I'm On One (feat. Drake, Rick Ross, & Lil Wayne)
Music that I pipped through during the gambling session at the Silver Island Casino.

30. The Overtones - Gambling Man
A song that brought me back to SNAFUCon when I was on the craps table.

31. Travis Scott - SICKO MODE
As we enter the first true night of FanimeCon 2019, this banger brings us through the Silver Island Casino session and the antics going into Saturday.

32. Yaeji - Drink I'm Sippin On
The song speaks for itself, at least the title.


33. Nujabes - Luv (Sic) Pt2
Part 2 of the Luv Sic series, marking the beginning of Day Two.

34. Lorde - Team
The first time that the full team is together for the convention after Nate's busy days including the Swap Meet as we go out to breakfast and prepare for our interviews.

35. Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Takin' Care of Business
Initially I had "Armed and Ready" from RWBY per Ryan's entry but for some reason that song wasn't sticking with me over time. So instead I went to the classic "Takin' Care of Business" as we go through our three scheduled interviews.

36. Ghostface Killah, Cappadonna & Raekwon - Daytona 500
(Wendell's entry) Day Two is when the convention kicks into high gear through Sunday, much like Focus' "Hocus Pocus" from last year's mixtape.

37. The Notorious B.I.G. - Juicy
The introduction to cosplaying Junpei from Persona 3.

38. Gang Starr - Mass Appeal
Seeing so many My Hero Academia cosplayers = "Mass Appeal"

39. Araabumzik - The Royals
A reference to the Atlus Games Gathering and more specifically Persona 5 The Royal.

40. RDJ2 - Ghostwriter
An instrumental companion to the Atlus Games Gathering.

41. Chromeo - Juice
(Wendell's Entry) Another banger that accompanies our time over at San Pedro Square, despite that like some of the songs on the list the lyrics may or may not match the moment.

42. Travis Scott & Skrillex - SICKO MODE (Skrillex Remix)
This was played outside on the speakers near the Idea Tree were people gather to dance the night away. Since I love this song so much, I decided to sing the Drake portion of the song into the megaphone I was carrying for the Midnight Persona Gathering.

43. DJ Shadow - Midnight in a Perfect World (Extended Edition)
An instrumental that has for years described both Persona 3 and the Midnight Gathering that is held at FanimeCon. The Extended Edition plays on the entire night as a whole.

44. Kygo & Rita Ora - Carry On
As featured in the movie Detective Pikachu, I found the song through an Apple Music playlist while trying to play something that kept the chill mood of Sunday early morning.

SECTION V: Day Three

45. Nujabes - Luv (sic.) pt3 (feat. Shing02)
Part 3 of the Luv Sic series, marking the beginning of Day Three.

46. Nas - Halftime
Marking the halfway of FanimeCon 2019.

47. Cage the Elephant - Ain't No Rest for the Wicked
Fatigue starts to set in as we go into the second half of the convention, and then you're reminded that "there ain't no rest for the wicked."

48. Weezer - Africa
When Richie's blessing of the African rains actually came true when it rained overnight into Sunday.

49. Lil Wayne - Famous (feat. Regina Carter)
The introduction to cosplaying Yuri from Yuri!!! On Ice. Also featured on the Yuri!!! On Ice Apple Music playlist.

50. Aquors - Thrilling One-way
As featured during the Aoi☆Sora Stage Zero Performance Sunday morning/noontime.

51. Rich Brian - Cold
Another song that describes Yuri. Also featured on the Yuri!!! On Ice Apple Music playlist.

52. Taro Umbayashi/Taku Matsushiba cond. Ensemble FOVE - Yuri on Ice (YURI!!! on CONCERT)
An instrumental companion to the Yuri On Ice!!! Gathering.

53. tofubeats - Plastic Love
Another instrumental companion to the Yuri On Ice!!! Gathering that one again the lyrics may or may not match the moment.

54. Taro Umbayashi/Taku Matsushiba cond. Ensemble FOVE & YuriConAllstars - History Maker (YURI!!! on CONERT)
The ending song to cosplaying Yuri. I decided to use the orchestrated version instead of the standard Dean Fujioka version.

55. Migos - Fight Night
While there weren't any actual real fights at Fanimania VI, "Fight Night" would illustrate the event as a whole while not using a song that was actually featured in actual wrestling like John Cena's "The Time Is Now" or Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People."

56. Weezer - Say It Ain't So
The convention is almost over and we have one more night? "Say it ain't so!"


57. Nujabes - Luv (sic.) pt4 (feat. Shing02)
Part 4 of the Luv Sic series, marking the beginning of Day Four.

58. Luniz - I Got 5 On It (Remix)
Once again paying homage to the music of the Bay Area and is a follow up to last year's mixtape with the original "I Got 5 On It."

59. BTS - HOME
At this point of the convention, I was tired and ready to go home...

60. New Order - Blue Monday
...but we still had that drive back through San Francisco, up to San Rafael then towards back home. At least we got to enjoy the drive over the Golden Gate Bridge.

61. Halestorm - Here's to Us
(Ryan's entry) Even though we have to go back to normal life, there's that lingering thought of going just for one more drink, one more shot, one more memory of good times with family.

SECTION VII: Reminiscing

62. Nujabes - Luv (sic), pt5 (feat. Shing02)
Part 5 of the Luv Sic series, marking the section about reminiscing about FanimeCon.

63. Coldplay - The Scientist
Going back in FanimeCon history to my first time attending in 2007.

64. Nujabes - Another Reflection
An instrumental that also illustrates going back in FanimeCon history to my first time attending in 2007.

65. Imagine Dragons - Dream (Jorgen Odegard Remix)
The first of reprises from a previous entry in the mixtape, continuing the realization that I made it to both another FanimeCon and the 25th anniversary celebration as press.


66. Nujabes - Luv (sic) Grand Finale (feat. Shing02)
The "Grand Finale" of the Luv Sic series, marking the closing section of the mixtape.

67. Dropkick Murphys - Until the Next Time
(Ryan's entry) Whenever I go to a convention that involves Ryan, he always has to include this song in the mixtape. This was first used at SakuraCon 2017 and made both Nate and I tear up as I drove him to the airport that Sunday.

68. Jeff Williams - Home (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
(Ryan's entry) If the overall lyrics won't get me to cry on the drive home like the previous track, let the piano piece and the last part of the hook do all of the talking - But I know that when I'm with you I'm at home/Yes, I know that when I'm with you I'm at home.

69. DJ Khaled - Higher (feat. Nispey Hussle & John Legend)
After going to this convention and looking through all of my previous years of attending, I felt that as of now I was going to places I never expected in my lifetime.

70. BTS - Mic Drop (feat. Desiigner) [Steve Aoki Remix]
A way to end our coverage of FanimeCon which a literal "mic drop."

71. Lil Nas X - Old Town Road
A second reprise from the opening track of this mixtape, this also represents the Red Dead Redemption 2 cast attending SacAnime Summer and the fact that the song pays tribute to the video game.

72. Nobou Umeatsu - Zanarkand
An instrumental marking my return to SacAnime, my hometown convention only two weeks after FanimeCon. This would also mark the final SacAnime at the Sacramento Convention Center as the convention center undergoes renovations and the convention moves to Cal Expo for a year.

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