Tuesday, December 31, 2019

"10 in 2010" - A Look Back at 2010 for the California Conventions Blog | Prologue - The End of Last Decade

As we close out 2019, we also close out the 2010s as we look foward to the next decade regardless of what actually happens in 2020 to set up the next decade.

I was finishing up my FanimeCon 2019 report as well as assisting Ryan and Dalton with their Kumoricon 2019 coverage when I realized that it was almost 10 years to this time when I made a snap decision that would forever change the course of blog history.

Shortly after SacAnime Summer 2009, I felt like I was at a crossroad. Up to this point, I've only been going to SacAnime, SacCon, or FanimeCon. Meanwhile I kept hearing about this convention down in Souther California called Anime Los Angeles that was up and coming and the convention to be at during the winter time, especially since it timed with my winter break at Sacramento State. So either I could continue to go to these NorCal conventions or break away, fly down to a convention for the first time, and attend a SoCal convention for the first time.

So one Southwest Airlines booking and one Marriott hotel booking later, I was on track to head down to Los Angeles in January.

Welcome to LAX, welcome to ALA, welcome to the 2010s, welcome to the future

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