Saturday, December 7, 2019

Kumoricon 2019: Into the Wolfs Den

Hello World! It's me, ya boi, coming at ya with my first press review of Kumoricon 2019. Since this is my first time actually interviewing guests, I was was kind of intimidated at first. But then I became more comfortable with my surroundings and am now sharing my experience with you guys!

Crowds gathering neear Registration & Gaming
This is my first time attending Kumoricon and my first impression? Pretty good. At first, there was a little bit of confusion with some of the events, but once my schedule was clear everything was really easy to find. Guests were super nice, cosplay was on point, and the con staff were extremely helpful with whatever you needed. I did attend some panels when I was out there and one of my personal favorites was the FAKKU! Lewd Jeopardy panel along with the Auditioning in the Sound booth voice acting panel, where I was coached on how to play a character type and what they sound like.

FAKKU! Lewd Jeopardy panel
Overall, The convention was really fun, and I had a great opportunity to meet so many interesting people. Being officially apart of this blog has inspired me to continue improving my skills not only as a photographer, but also as a interviewer/writer. This is kind of short, so please bear with me, and join me on my journey of Anime, Cosplay, and everything in between! 

Hinata from Naruto
This is Dalton, Lying dormant until the Sakura Blossoms bloom...

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