Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Ryan's Kumoricon 2019 Day 3: Unlasting

Like every convention, this one was "unlasting" -Ryan

Midsummer’s sunshine, midwinter’s white snow 
In the middle of the changing seasons pieces of love are falling down 
I am happy, but I am also lonely 
Because my love is bigger than you 

With little sleep that we could obtain, the boys and I started the process of packing up as we had to check out by noon. Before I could fully finish packing I got a phone call from the new Head of Press for Kumoricon Kevin Gade that our interview with Teddyloid had been unfortunately canceled and then a Facebook notification that my RG 1/144 Full Armour Unicorn Gundam had won the attendee's choice award at the Gunpla Lounge. I would go retrieve my award as well as my Gundam to pack that in as well while wondering when we would get the golden opportunity to interview Teddyloid because we are 0-4 since 2016 and had two chances this year. We would finish loading up the car before making a return trip to Citizen Baker for breakfast. Today I would have the huevos rancheros with scrambled eggs and black beans as well as a homemade cinnamon roll. Over on the other side of the table, Trevor ordered a omelette with house-made goat cheese, sausage, and bacon with house fries.

Huevos rancheros with scrambled eggs and black beans
Omelette with house-made goat cheese, sausage, and bacon
After eating and making sure that we had the necessary equipment to conduct our finals interviews, we headed over to the convention center and immediately went up to the press room for our interview with Karen Strassman. Prior to the interview we found out that she was running late and during that time we had a conversation with Kevin and while giving us the news about Karen also mentioned how impressed he was about our interview style and our overall coverage that weekend. Before long Karen would make her appearance to the press lounge after setting up in the main room.

A photo with Guest of Honor Karen Strassman
Karen was really great to be the interview room especially when she voiced her characters out of nowhere, Aigis from Persona 3 and Nanako Dojima from Persona 4 to be precise, during one of the questions which I was "internally fanboying." And in a "Hot Ones-style moment" she was really surprised and impressed over the variety and quality of our questions.

We had at least two hours before we could interview Luci Christian, so we did a final round of shopping where I obtained a Sword Art Online Memory Defrag Bikini Armor Asuna figure. Meanwhile Dalton was on a Beyblade binge, Trevor bought some artwork from Artist's Alley, and Nick bought some My Hero Academia merchandise.

"Another one" to the collection
Dalton's Beyblade collection as of late November (Photo Credit: Dalton/Facebook)
We quickly stopped at a voice acting panel before eventually heading back upstairs to the press room to interview Luci Christian and while we had a wonderful time interviewing her unfortunately during the transfer process we lost the footage.

A photo with Guest of Honor Luci Christian
In a MVP-like moment she was able to sign some items last minute after I caught her in the convention center hallway which I was really grateful for.

Her autograph on my copy of Chivalry of a Failed Knight as Stella Vermilion
Her autograph on my copy of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? as Hestia
In addition to running into Luci one last time we would attempt to make a walk to Voodoo Donuts but was cut short due to fatigue and a desire by the group to go home.

Fun Fact: While Portland is known as the "City of Roses" or the "Rose City," it also known as the "Bridge City" for its 12 bridges across the Willamette River
With this, we took one final look at the past and said "we're out." With this said, this would end our coverage for Kumoricon 2019. I would like to personally thank you for reading our coverage and extend a thank you to Kumoricon press and the convention itself for providing an invite for the California Conventions Blog.

(Editor-in-Chief Note: I am very proud of how this convention went for both Ryan and Dalton at Kumoricon. Reading this report and comments from the staff and guests makes me excited for the future of the PNW Division as well as the blog as a whole as we enter 2020. I would also like to extend a thank you to Kumoricon press and the convention itself especially Kevin for his work over the weekend. I would love to come back the next year and even attend this convention myself. -Matthew)

My full Asuna shrine
End of Day 3 and Kumoricon 2019 Coverage

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