Friday, December 17, 2021

Kumoricon 21' Day 0 Glorious

You know I'm back like I never left
Another sprint, another step
Another day, another breath
Been chasing dreams, but I never slept
I got a new attitude and a lease on life
And some peace of mind 
- Macklemore

With the rest of the day among us we could not laze about, given the length of drive and the fact we had to clear out of the room no later than 11. Before all would transpire I would introduce the non-natives to a local mom and pop breakfast joint called Cracklin and Stackin'. here the blog would debate over who had the best pancakes and if even if it beat the other known pancake joints we've eaten over our travels. 

Full like the bunny from Wreck it Ralph, we would make the last minute stops to the hotel to pack up everything and of course Freddies (Fred Meyer for the non-local folk) and Joann's. Here I would introduce Nate to his new Mountain Dew obsession of Mountain Dew Thrashed Apple and of course shut him up over what certain stores in the Rogue Valley were like Freddies was. At Joann's we'd get the last needed things for the con like hot glue and sewing materials for the crew's Squid Game cosplay. We'd get some last minute before the road selfies and be on our way to Portlandia. 

Selfie in front of Joann's

From here it would feel like a back and forth chase between Matt and I for the majority of the drive with me leading after I had to get Matt to stop going 80 in a 65 and nearly getting stopped by a trooper. By the time we passed Eugene we would make a quick snack stop at the Flying J. Here is where I would lose track of Matt and company until a sudden detour would stop us from progressing quicker into Portland. One Freddies bathroom run and finally back on the 5 we would arrive in Rip City close to 7 PM. Here we would unload the cars, park them and take a gander around the new (to us) Hyatt Regency Portland. From the floor and upgraded room we got it was nothing short of spectacular especially from 12th floor where you could see plenty of good shots of the Moda center, Oregon Convention Center, and Downtown Portland.

Oregon Convention Center at night

We didn't have to much time to gawk as we still needed to pick up our badges and we had a prior reservation at Filipino spot I had scouted prior to con an hour and half later. Jeriko and the Mrs would be spending time with Jeriko's family after we got our badges. I nearly had a heart attack as I thought I forgot my vaccination card which would of meant I'd have to sit out the entire con but thankfully it was where it was supposed to be in the spot I usually left it. After that we started heading further into the city and would end up at our destination. 8:15 we were finally at Magna Kusina, a well known and city award-winning Filipino Restaurant. Mind you outside of my Filipino cooking at home Dalton has never had proper Filipino cuisine. 

Magna Kusina interior

After ordering some appetizers we asked about a local and well known secret menu item known as the Tito Boy Special. If you're in the know ask for it and you'll receive a shot of Hennessey and and a piece of lumpia, in this instance we got local whiskey since they were out of Hen. The server who served us was very much impressed that he mentioned the last party to order it was put to shame, as they ate the lumpia first and drank. YOUR SUPPOSED TO CHASE IT WITH THE LUMPIA!!

The Tito Boy Special

#kumoricon #kumoricon2021 #tastetest #filipinofood

♬ original sound - California Conventions Blog

#kumoricon #kumoricon2021 #tastetest #filipinofood

♬ original sound - California Conventions Blog
Lumpia appetizers

After what felt like ordering the entire menu and well over $200 later we felt like we were actually running on Filipino time. I'm rather glad I did my research as I'm sure we will return in 2022. After a good meal we headed back up to the room for some more rounds of Smash that lead into eventual rounds of team doubles Mario Tennis (N64). Given we were still unsure of our press interview schedule we would go straight to bed in anticipation of the full day ahead of us. In truth it feels like even through the pandemic we never left and for once I was back home with family.

Magna Kusina

End Day 0

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