Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Already Looking Forward to Anime Los Angeles 7

By the time Anime Los Angeles 7 rolls around in January, finances should improve and any and all personal problems will have probably been dealt with.

There are so many things planned out for this year's con.

For starters, the SoCal Host Club is teaming up with San Diego's Mochi Cafe to provide this unique experience of a combination of a Host Club and a Maid Cafe! We have all our paperwork in, so we're waiting to hear what the plan is, but most likely we will be on Saturday around the same time we had the SoCal Host Club at ALA 6 then some. We are also looking at doing the same informational panel we did at FanimeCon and Anime Expo, but I'll come back to this in a bit.

There's also other panels that I want to attend and/or is being asked to be a part of. Based upon the track records of panels this year, you can probably guess what they are.

You can't forget about Cosplay Chess, and with a more accurate Junpei to showcase at the event I'll be better than ever! Plus I'm looking at filming the event for archival purposes and for the blog. Let's just hope that the SoCal Host Club Informational Panel doesn't run up against anything that I really want to do, especially panels and/or Cosplay Chess, especially if I'm asked to be part of said panels or put to the task of filming Cosplay Chess.

Of course, there are the cosplay gatherings that will be held. I'm looking forward to running a successful SMT/Persona Gathering after the dud at Anime Vegas. There's also Hetalia and Code Geass that we will be part of, as well as some other gatherings that we might attend. There's also supposed to be a kick-ass Highschool of the Dead group, and I want to get some shots of that group.

And finally, the "late-night events." Enough said.

Room is booked, roommates booked in, and I'm about to pay for my registration. All that's really left is the flight down there on Friday morning.

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