Saturday, October 9, 2010

A New Blogger Appears! [Zanney's First Update]

Hello, ladies!

Look at your blog.
Now back to me.
Now back at your blog.
Now back to me.

Sadly, your favorite blog is not updated by me.
But if you stopped looking to pink-loving, sparkling, shoujo-bubble-headed bloggers on LJ, and switched to California Conventions Blog, your RSS feed would be updated by me.

Look down.
Back up.
Where are you?
You're on a boat, motherf*cker, and don't you EVER forget with the blog your blog's updates could look like.

What's in your hand?
Back at me.
I have it:
It's a DVD box with two tickets to that convention you love.

Look again--
The tickets are now mochi!

Anything is possible when your favorite Japanese pop-culture blog is written by someone who actually knows what they're talking about, and here at California Conventions Blog, we know our stuff.

I'm on a Cat Bus.

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