Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different, Meg Whitman Edition!

Usually I don't blog about anime and manga in general, just anime conventions and similar events, but this I couldn't pass up.

Here in California, we have a hot Governors race between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman. We all expect a media blitz as November looms especially the use of social media like Facebook and Twitter, but yesterday one of Meg Whitman's spokespeople really messed up when using social media as a campaign tool.

One of her spokespeople put out this tweet yesterday:

[San Diego County] Sheriff [Association] says @ [for governor]! RT: @: [California] Cops get it: Jerry Brown is too soft on crime.

The problem is that it doesn't link to the press release and instead links to this:

Yes, that is a cross-dresser playing a bass cover of Fuwa Fuwa Time from K-ON!. Apparently he's Korean and is Youtube-famous for his covers.

What had happened is that Whitman's spokeperson forgot to put an "r" at the end of the bit.ly link. With the link http://bit.ly/bNCAVr, it goes to the press release.

The funny thing about all of this is that the day after the tweet went up, it's still up there unedited.

As for the content I'm pretty sure deep down somewhere Meg Whitman wants Ho-kago Tea Time playing at her inauguration, assuming she wins.

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