Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CGR Interview

I had the chance to talk to Ramon, the secondary head of the Console Gaming Room (CGR for short).

CAConBlog: First off, is your department making any changes in its operation from the last Sac-Anime in January at the Scottish Rite Center?
Ramon: Well we're tightening up a lot of holes we had last year. With security, adding games, and bringing people who have been involved with the gaming community for quiet a few years. We are also trying this idea by adding what we call Easter Eggs.
CAConBlog: What are these "Easter Eggs?"
Ramon: The easter eggs are basically special events not listed. Some involve games that we don't even have listed. The events range from FREE competitions to FREE tournaments.
CAConBlog: I see. Anything else?
Ramon: We thought it would be something fun and exciting for the fans.
CAConBlog: Alright, sounds pretty interesting. Moving along to the second question: Does the move to the Radisson hotel play any part in the changes to the operation of the department?
Ramon: Yeah it makes a big difference. The biggest thing is more room. We are going to have 2 game rooms this year and in the evening we will have about 3, so gaming I think with the Raddison will take center stage along side cosplay. With more space we can put more games and hold more events. The biggest problem we've had in the past is space. We've had to cut games and events due to it. But this time around we can do what we wanna do. Have our events big and fun for everyone. That and the Raddison is really beautiful so its a nice treat.
CAConBlog: I know, I've been there myself.
Ramon: Yeah with the fountain and whatnot. The cosplay pics will be awesome.
CAConBlog: Well, you just answered my fourth question "How you do you personally feel about Sac-Anime moving to the Radisson hotel?" so we'll move on.
Ramon: Indeed.
CAConBlog: Is there anything planned for this August's con besides the Easter Eggs?
Ramon: We are going to have cosplay poker which will be fun. We always are unable to finish up the first day due to the fact that the Scottish Rite closes @ midnight. This time around we'll have all night and a lot of space to play. The Rock Band freestyle will be very awesome since it will be on an actual stage. The same stage the bands will preform. I like to see it as the bands are opening act for the main act which will be the fans.
CAConBlog: That'll be a sight to see.
Ramon: I've been on that stage and it very surreal to think that people will be putting on a show for people on there. It will be a lot of fun.
CAConBlog: I look forward to that.
Ramon: Indeed. Its also going to be at night so the grove will be lit up and it looks very nice at night.
CAConBlog: Can't forget about that. Anything else?
Ramon: Oh, one of our friend/sponsers, LoveHate, will be showing off [a] Itasha-style [Infiniti G35]. The car is beautiful! Modfied with anime style art.
CAConBlog: Oh wow, a must see this weekend. My next question is: besides CGR, what's your favorite aspect of Sac-Anime?
Ramon: Hmmm...it has to be the people. There's a lot of friendly nice people at the con.
CAConBlog: Especially you guys, all of you are friendly. *laughs*
Ramon: Thanks. *laughs too* We try to be. The fans are so passionate on what they do be it cosplay, gaming etc. The cosplay there are very nice too. I love walking around looking for a character I know.
CAConBlog: Of course we all do. And finally, any closing comments?
Ramon: Check out the Game Room!! And be sure to check our buddy Matt's blog!!!
CAConBlog: Well thank you for the interview.
Ramon: Indeed, thank you for the opportunity.

And that concludes the interview with Ramon. Keep an eye out for more interviews, as I have a lot more lined up.

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