Thursday, August 13, 2009

Twitter Giveaway - Sac-Anime Edition! - Details

Plz note: this "contest" is in no way afflicted with any Sac-Anime event. This is being done on my own time with my own money.

Welcome to the 1st annual "Find Me @ Sac-Anime and Win Free Stuff!" game!
The game is simple: you find me at Sac-Anime, you win a prize!

This is how you play:
1) Go to my Twitter page and subscribe! Don't have a Twitter account? MAKE ONE!
2) During Sac-Anime, I will be Tweeting at the con as part of my coverage alongside my blog. I will also be announcing times in which to find me. I might Tweet "First one to find me at the [insert business name here] booth in the Dealers Room wins a CD." If you're the first one to find me, you win!
3) Prizes may vary, from plushies to CDs to t-shirts. You never know what I might pull out.
4) I will be doing one Saturday and one Sunday.
5) ???
6) Profit!
7) Enjoy the game!

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